Day 13: Sighisoara

Posted: August 1, 2014 in Uncategorized

I woke up feeling a bit under the weather today. Might have had something to do with the dogs barking throughout the night… I mean literally through the night. This one dog in particular (a small dog by the relatively high pitched, exquisitely piercing quality of his bark) managed to bark virtually non-stop for the better part of the night. From the sound of it he lives right below our open window. It might also have been the 4 hour power nap yesterday that kept me up after everyone else was asleep… In any case, I didn’t get much sleep and wasn’t feeling that great, so after breakfast, Marie and Caitlin went shopping/exploring while I tried to get a bit more sleep.

They came back in a couple of hours and we all headed out to explore the “main street” and did a bit of shopping. After a bite to eat at a pizzeria/bar just down the hill from our pension, it was time for me to have another power nap (I really wasn’t feeling that well at all – I didn’t even have a beer with lunch… and they were $2…) while Marie and Caitlin did some more exploring. This time I did get a bit more sleep and was feeling a bit better when they got back from their epic trek through some of the residential areas around the citadel (and some more shopping).

For those of you who know Marie (and Caitlin to a lesser extent), you know that she has tremendous issues with navigating. It is not an exaggeration to say that Marie can get lost in a parking lot… she has… many times. Marie’s sense of direction is so bad that you can almost always navigate by going the exact opposite way she wants to go. This would all be just a little quirk of character except when you combine it with the fact that she’s also a little bit Type A and frequently wants to lead… In precisely the wrong direction every time. So, you might ask, how did she manage to take herself and our child on an extended tour of a town where almost no signs are in English?? Simple. The town is about 4 blocks long by 2 blocks wide and there’s a huge citadel (like a medieval fortress/castle) with massive towers visible from almost everywhere… and our pension is right at the base of the most prominent tower… Even still, she assures me it was touch and go at times…

After Marie and Caitlin returned, we headed out to climb the clock tower (which houses the local museum) – very cool. We also checked out the little museum of medieval arms (not bad) and the “dungeon” (pretty cheesy and probably not very historically accurate). After doing the tower and the museums we headed to one of the town restaurants for dinner. We picked the restaurant of the Guesthouse Alteposte (not sure of the spelling but it basically translates as “The Old Post Guesthouse”) – it was an inspired choice. Their food was excellent, the portions were huge, the restaurant itself was spotless and the service was good. And you just can’t beat the prices – we had two entrees (Marie and Caitlin shared a pork chops in beer sauce with mashed potatoes that easily fed the two of them), 5 drinks (a beer, two liqueurs, a hot chocolate and a big bottle of sparkling mineral water) and the bill came to 100 lei (with tip) – about $33 Canadian. They’re also a pension so they have rooms to rent but they’re so new that we couldn’t find their prices on the web anywhere (their website is still under construction). If you’re heading to Sighisoara anytime soon I’d check them out (although our pension was pretty nice too).

We took our time having dinner so by the time we were done it was basically time to head back to the hotel. Once there we did a bit of packing, updated the blog and confirmed some travel plans for the trip from Sighisoara to Bucharest and called it a night.

We really liked Sighisoara. The actual town itself is not much to write home about (although there are some nice restaurants and hotels scattered amongst the dress shops and tourist spots) but the citadel is awesome. The people are friendly, the weather was nice but a bit cooler than we’ve had so far this trip, the food is good and everything is far more reasonably priced than we’ve been experiencing so far (like pretty close to Thailand/Cambodia prices). You can eat and drink like a king for next to nothing here.

We’ve heard mixed reviews about our next destination – Bucharest! We’ve booked a one bedroom apartment near the old town and are hoping that the city lives up to the positive reviews we’ve read… If not, at least it will be an adventure!

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