Day 26: Goreme to Pamukkale

Posted: August 15, 2014 in Cappadocia, Getting Around, Pamukkale
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Today we were up bright and early to catch our 6:10 shuttle to the airport for our flight to Izmir… Unfortunately, the bug Caitlin had hopped back to me and I was feeling pretty crappy (pun intended) and wasn’t moving too quickly this morning… Marie and Caitlin helped pack up the last things and we made it to the shuttle – more or less on time… We picked up one more set of travellers from another hotel and then the driver – apparently cognizant of being a couple minutes behind schedule – floored it and headed for Kayseri airport (about an hour away) at warp speed… Not a good idea in a fully loaded van driving on cobblestone roads and poor quality paved roads… After about 10 minutes at warp factor 9, a loud bang followed by a telltale thumpity-thumpity-thumpity ride signalled a blown out tire… We didn’t mind as our flight didn’t leave until 9:10 but there were some very stressed people on the bus as it dawned on them that they were going to miss their flights… We all piled out of the van (and a few of us pitched in and helped as best we could to speed up the process) and eventually the damaged tire was replaced and we were good to go again… Of course, we were even further behind so the driver cranked it up to warp factor 10 and did a passable impression of a Formula One racer as he darted in and out of traffic, around buses, through red lights, etc.

We arrived at the airport in a literal cloud of dust and squealing tires… Everyone piled out and joined the huge queue of people waiting to get into the airport (remember, here you have to go through security to get into the airport). Our luck held out as they opened up a new screening station right in front of us so we made it in before a lot of other people and headed for the Pegasus check-in counter. At this airport they did the check-in by flight (which made a lot more sense than the gong show we encountered in Istanbul) so we were able to check-in quickly and then headed for a completely deserted waiting lounge on the second floor… Where I promptly stretched out and tried to sleep… The Immodiums I’d popped back at the hotel were doing their job but I was still feeling lousy… Just as I started to drift off, a couple of kids arrived intent on testing the acoustics of the empty room by yelling and screaming at the top of their lungs (I’m not exaggerating here… they literally yelled, shrieked, screamed, etc. with abandon and a complete lack of parent supervision). Luckily Marie and Caitlin returned and prevented me from stuffing the screaming tots in a garbage bin…

We hung out for a bit longer and then it was time to board the plane… Air Canada take note… When a plane has exits at the front and back it’s super fast to load the plane (and unload it) if you use both exits… I know… It seems like a radical idea but it works! The flight was uneventful (save for a bit of confusion we created when we told them we didn’t want the chicken sandwiches we’d ordered… They were the same as the ones on the last flight and some things you can only eat once in a lifetime…). Then it was into Izmir airport to wait for our bags… I think they loaded each bag onto the conveyor one at a time… With a smoke break in between bags… Ours were among the very last bags to show up on the carousel (about an hour after the flight landed)… Then we made the trek to the International Arrivals level to find our car rental agency…

We picked up our car (given that the girl at the counter spoke very little English and we speak no Turkish, I’m not sure if we have insurance but it’s all good)… Only problem… they have no GPSs to rent… No problem… We’ll just use the airport’s free WiFi to google maps a route… No free WiFi… No problem… We’ll just drive around until we find a McDonald’s and use WiFi to get a route to Pamukkale…

Can you believe there’s an airport in the world that doesn’t have a McDonald’s right nearby… After driving white-knuckled for about half an hour (remember, I’m operating on little sleep and feeling crappy still and am now in Turkish traffic) we find ourselves in the middle of nowhere with no WiFi restaurants anywhere around… So we pull out the iPhone, fire up the cellular data and start roaming (at $9.99 per 20MB). We leave the data on long enough to get a route and use the iPhone as a GPS to get us out of Izmir and onto the right road to Pamukkale (about 3 hours away).

Partway along we stop at a Burger King (not by choice…we do our best to stay away from fast food both in Canada and while travelling but we were desperate for WIFI and it was 2 pm and we were getting by on baby cookies since 6:00 am – so a few chicken tenders would tide us over).  The Burger King restaurant itself was kind of cool – the restaurant was built spanning all 6 lanes of a 6 lane divided highway so you’re sitting and eating above the roadway… Definitely never seen that in Canada.

Once we got to Denizili things got a little complicated (helped, no doubt, by me feeling way under the weather by this point) as we missed a couple of turns and had to do some backtracking but eventually we made our way to the hotel where we checked in around 7 pm and I promptly crashed for the night…

Marie and Caitlin went for a swim, had dinner and played some cards (while checking on me occasionally) and then called it a night as well – but not before dosing me up with enough Gravol and Tylenol to possibly cash in on my life insurance.   Hopefully I’m feeling better tomorrow because I’ve been looking forward to Pamukkale for a long time.

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