Day 29: Kusadasi

Posted: August 17, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Ugh… I woke up feeling totally crappy (pun intended) again this morning. I tried getting some breakfast down (the guesthouse provides a basic Turkish breakfast of fresh veggies, olives, sausage, bread, cheese and egg) but couldn’t stray far that far from the room… This latest bout of illness (or more accurately a prolonged single bout with some relief along the way) prompted me to finally take the Zithromax (azithromycin) antibiotics we’ve packed on every trip but never had to use… Marie also trekked the 100 metres or so (up a slight hill for part of it) to the nearest market and was able to find a tub of plain yogurt and some plain cereal and some cold water to bring back for me… I scarfed down some of the yogurt with a bit of cereal and drank a bit of water and decided I wasn’t going anywhere for the time being…

So Marie and Caitlin trudged the 2.5km from our hotel to the nearest beach (Ladies Beach) and enjoyed a day of swimming and suntanning while I stayed behind and napped and read a book…

By late afternoon, Marie and Caitlin were back and I was feeling a bit better so we headed out to do a bit of light shopping (most of the stuff for sale here is poor quality tacky tourist stuff or knockoff clothing) and then grabbed a bite to eat at the restaurant we’d eaten at the night before. Then it was back to the hostel and off to bed in hopes of a more productive day tomorrow.

I’m not sure if the antibiotics helped or whether it was just good timing but I was definitely feeling better by the end of the day (not great but better). While it doesn’t seem that the Dukoral prevented us from getting sick this time, it seems to have prevented us from experiencing the worst of the possible symptoms (Marie and I experienced those on a trip to Mexico in the mid-90s) which has been a blessing… I’m not sure if it’s been the food in some of the places (we’re pretty careful for the most part but have eaten some salads in some places and Marie and Caitlin have had a few milkshakes, etc. that were made with ice and I’ve tried to eat some of the local foods at times) or whether it’s a combination of different foods and a lot of interaction with other travellers on trains and planes or whether it’s Turkish men’s predilection for shaking hands with everyone they meet… Whatever the cause, I’m hoping the antibiotics will put an end to the worst of it and I’ll be cutting out a few staples (like Turkish tea) and switching to more generic foods until this passes… mild symptoms or not, enough is enough… Although it is definitely a good way to lose weight…

Marie and Caitlin didn’t want to risk taking their camera to the beach and I wasn’t taking any pictures today so no photos for this blog update… Hopefully we’ll have some amazing ones from tomorrow…

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